DO WHAT EXCITES was created in beginning of 2020 by YouTuber Kelly Wakasa.
A few months before coming up with the phrase Do What Excites, Kelly had hit rock bottom. While staying at his grandma’s house in Los Angeles he found himself completely lost in life. He felt as if his dreams to become a full-time YouTuber were slowly crumbling. At the same time, he experienced his first heartbreak, felt completely alone in LA, and ultimately fell into the darkest months of his life.
After building up the courage to call his Mom and open up about how much he was struggling, it was there, crying in the corner of a Starbucks at 10 pm when a switch flipped. At this all time low, Kelly desperately looked for hope. He grabbed a piece of paper and started writing, eventually he starting thinking about his favorite emotion.
It was not happiness or joy but he decided instead it was excitement. From there he wrote down DO WHAT EXCITES. Everyday since he’s lived his life by those 3 words and it changed his life. The powerful phrase got him out of the depression he was in and helped him stay positive and ultimately make him the happiest he’s ever been.
Now it is his mission to push this message to help others.